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Mere Sydney


Teknologi er et sugerør

HyperCard i browseren

Realkreditrentens indvirkning på boligprisen

Facebooks dybe, mørke datasø

Tiktok Tracking

Skattefradrag på boligopsparing

Browsing på mobilen

Cost of Mistakes


Prisfald på boliger

A Quadra in the Browser

Google Search is Dying

Robot Finds Remains of Another

The Web is Thriving Again

HyperCard Art Bits


ISDS Abused

Against surveillance-based advertising


Inferential Statistics is not Inferential


Symbol of Life

Lost in translation, space edition


The Patent Protection Racket

The Internet is a surveillance state

The Trouble with Social News


Leopardize your internet

You Are Not Ruthless Enough


Facebook is gaslighting the web

Credit Rating

Stanley Kubrick interview

The One Rule

Shell accepts responsibility for Nigeria Oil Spills

Patent Fears

Rethinking Growth

Private City

Eating well

Work Your Ass Off

Lego Wars

Photographing TVs Turning Off

The iPad Does More

Japan Before and After

Brilliant Climate Change Strip

James Bond Is A Girl

The Cook Doctrine

Urban Scaling

When To Show You New Mail

They Were There

IBM's Watson Plays Jeopardy

Algorithms on Wall Street

URL Design


Ricky Gervais on Atheism

The Future of Mac OS

WikiLeaks Coverage by The Guardian

National Geographic 2010 photography contest

9 Eyes

Warren Buffett on the Bailout

Animated Movie GIFs

1.0 Is the Loneliest Number

Banana Republic of America

Creative Internet

Rouge Computer Traders

There is a Horse in the Apple Store

Color cycling online

Architecture’s Modern Marvels

Incredible Technology

The Secret Powers of Time


Sexual Hijacking

Tuna's End

Why Farmville

On Sick Systems

Deepwater Economics

Electronic Wasteland

IBM is building HAL

Donating to Corporations

Facebook Is Not Your Friend

Interview with Mick Jagger

Understand The Web

We're All Bastards

The Oldest Living Life

Designing for iPad

Water covered insects

International Space Station Expansion


It must be valuable

The Google Algorithm

Homo empathicus

Brute force

Buzz launch wasn’t flawed, Google’s intentions are

World's largest cell

It's the execution, not the idea

Does it work

Software Changes

Bugs, Users and Technical Depth

Images from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

The Uniqueness of Humans

Plastic doesn't go away

Aquatic Tranquility

Onwards and upwards


The Cost of Care

2009 in Photos

8 Stars Speak Out on Steve Jobs

Escape From City-17

Modern File Browsing

The Real Goal of Android

What Google Wave Is

Principle of Least Power

Pristine Font rendering for the Web

Feeling Software

Startups in 13 Sentences

Badge of Honor

iPhone and Android Virtual Keyboard Comparison

A World of HTML5

Making The Web Faster

It Never Stops

Microsoft’s Long, Slow Decline


Palin's Resignation, The Edited Version

The Matrix, But With Money

Apple Has 91 Percent of Market for $1,000+ PCs

The Cost of Our Lifestyle

Nobody Hates Software More Than Software Developers

The Computer as a Burden

Tectonic Plate Timelapse

Minimalism, Michael Mann and Miami Vice

A Robot in Tokyo

Privacy and Google's Chrome OS

Improvements to the Incandescent Bulb

Incredible closeup of an ant

Michael Jackson on

Information Can’t Actually Want Anything

Walkman for a Week

The Cloud With No Name

Wolfram Alpha Screencast

Alone Across the Ice

Knowing what’s wrong is a prerequisite for fixing it

Oh, it’s just so…Microsofty

The State of Computing

Designing Convertbot

Silicon Graphics Sold for $25 Million

Earth Hour Pictures

The Makers of Things


The Startup Myth

Forever's Not So Long

So amazing, so illegal. What are we going to do with you, future?

The Future Is Already Here

ToyRacers public beta

Impressive Webapp Version of Interface Builder

The Crisis of Credit Visualized

Webgrind 1.0 Released

Strategies for tagging content

3 “Opened” Projects

Scienta ZF Debug Bar 1.1

Who Cares What Technology You Use

Throw Your Computer a Bone

Programmers Are Tiny Gods


High Voltage Cable Inspection





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