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Co-founder and CEO of Simpelt Regnskab. Previously self-employed software consultant since 1999. Used to work with Reflx. Occasionally available for contracting at Scienta.

I have extensive experience in OO PHP, MySQL and related technologies on the LAMP stack through more than 20 years. 8 years of iOS development for iPhone and iPad. I’ve studied 3 years of electronic engineering with a great deal of information technology at Danish Technological University. I enjoy learning new, solving problems and building stuff.

Since the start in 1999 this site has been a testing ground for new tools and frameworks while hosting my writings. After a long hiatus, the current incarnation has been scaled back and is now built as static site from markdown files.

Selected projects

A few projects, experiments and startups I’ve been involved in over the past thirty or so years since I started playing with computers.