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Taking Over The World

7 Dec 2010

Financial Times has an interesting article about Facebook and it looks like they are working on becoming an integral part of what we consider the web to be:

Facebook is no longer merely a social network, where users check out updates from friends, glance at photos and play some games. Rather, it is making moves to be an essential part of the entire online experience. The company is becoming people’s homepage, e-mail system and more. Much in the way Google extended its capabilities from search to include e-mail, maps and books, Facebook is becoming a part of ever more daily services on the web. The company is also making strides to achieve one thing Google has not: it is well on its way to becoming the de facto identity platform for the internet.

It used to be IBM that was the giant, then Microsoft. Today, Apple, Google and Facebook are a huge part of our lives in ways previously unknown. Unlike the open, cooperative and, partly, government funded computer and internet revolution that enabled these to grow, the future is increasingly being built and controlled by corporations. I am not sure that is a good thing.

Fortunately, brilliant things and being built and thought every day as the TED videos demonstrate. I hope there is room for them.