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Facebook Social Inbox

17 Nov 2010

Yesterday Facebook announced Messages, a mix between email, chat and SMS. The attempt at redefining communication is a somewhat similar thought that brought Google Buzz (which didn’t get the adoption they hoped for).

Ray Sun explains what is wrong with this approach:

[They] designed this feature to abstract away texts vs. email vs. chat. But 99% of real humans don’t care about this, and won’t experience his “relief” because this was never a problem in the first place. Teens always text each other, because they always have their cell phones & this is the way to reach them. And to reach your grandma, you use email. Simple. No mixing up grandma with your girlfriend.

With +500 million users, Facebook had every opportunity to grab a huge piece of email, but they seem to have overcomplicated things.

With growing privacy concerns, giving Facebook even greater access to your communication seems like a really bad idea.