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iPhone 3G plan in Denmark revealed

28 Jun 2008

Telia finally pulled the curtains on iPhone pricing and conditions in Denmark today. Unlike the other Scandinavian countries Sweden and Norway, Telia Denmark has only a single plan for each iPhone model.

The 8GB iPhone will set you back $296 (1399 DKK) while the 16GB model costs $423 (1999 DKK). Both include 6 months contracts (maximum in Denmark) with a monthly fee of $127 (599 DKK) comprised of 300 minutes (though unlimited to other Telia customers), unlimited SMS messages and 300MB of data. The total cost of ownership during the 6 months is thus $1057 (4993 DKK) and $1184 (5593 DKK) respectively.

I’m all in, especially considering I’m already spending around $100 a month using my current Nokia. Subtracting this from the TCO brings the cost of upgrading to the iPhone down to a fair $580. I’m a little worried that 300MB a month might not be enough, but it’s really hard to judge how much I’ll end up using 3G compared to WiFi and how much the Safari cache can save.

Compared to the Swedish and Norwegian iPhone plans the monthly fee is considerably higher but the contract runs for a minimum of 18 months. Here is comparable TCO for all three countries:



Both the Swedish and Norwegian contracts include 250 minutes, texts and MBs, selected as closest match. It would seem Danes get a better deal in all ways. Now, it’s only two weeks before the mayhem begins…