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27 Feb 2007

More than two months have passed since I came back to Copenhagen. For the capital of Denmark it really is a small city compared to the vast London. Acting on my thoughts on a future work path, I’ve decided to pursue my interests in software development and project management and I am now working full time with web development, predominantly in PHP and MySQL.

I’ve been able to continue working for my last British employer here in Denmark. Known as isporty it is a social networking site for sports people and it launched about two weeks ago with quite a few features that I think anyone into sports would welcome. Development on isporty is taking almost all of my time as we weed out any remaining bugs and continue to implement and tweak features. Crunch time is hard work and there’s always another deadline :) On the other hand, seeing the project progress and go live is a significant joy.

Andreas and I are working hard to complete the Danish online music store Tape5. Although development have been slow while I was in London, we’re trying to get things moving again and we are getting very close to announcing a launch date.

I regularly get much appreciated emails from users requesting new features in Retrospective or ShowOff. Despite the infrequent updates, I write these requests down for me to look at in calmer days. I hope to implement many of them soon.

Concurrent with my software development plans, I try to find time to delve deeper into the Zend Framework for PHP (yes, there will be a part 2 of Reimplementing the site - this time using Zend). I am so compatible with their approach :) I also keep this ever growing Amazon wish list. It might be time for me to order again.

No matter what, I should definitely post more often to this website.