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Photograph of Joakim Nygård I am a software architect / entrepeneur living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I work primarily with PHP and MySQL on my Macbook Pro. When not working, I enjoy listening to music,
reading, being with friends and playing video games or Squash.

I work with web development and consulting, a field I have explored for more than 10 years, in my company Scienta. Building prototypes of ideas, planning and structuring the development process and communicating technical aspects are part of what I do.

I am co-founder and developer of a few startups, the most recent being Simpelt Regnskab, simple accounting for Danish freelancers. Other examples include my shot at a Danish music store, Tape5, the news site feedr and Findbilsyn, an MOT search engine. Further details here.

I have recently released my first iPhone apps KbhTog, providing quick access to a map of public transportation in Copenhagen and iBiffen, a visual approach to daily cinema listings. I am an occasional contributor to the Zend Framework for PHP and maintain the open source debug tools webgrind and ZFDebug.

I've studied 3 years of electronic engineering with a great deal of information technology at the Danish Technological University.

I enjoy learning new and building stuff. I love solving problems, having ideas and the sudden feeling of understanding a topic on a whole new level. I take great pride in what I do and always try to improve.

About jokke.dk

The site has been written from the ground up using the MVC design pattern with open source tools such as PHP, MySQL and the Zend Framework.

I am using John Gruber's excellent Markdown text-to-HTML syntax via a custom fitted version of Michel Fortin's PHP port. I've lent a few ideas from Allan Odgaard's brilliant and transparent anti-spam method. Currently testing integration with Twitter to provide short notes and thoughts in between my regular blog posts and Flickr integration for my photos. The blogroll to the right is using XFN markup to indicate relationships and I am experimenting with a lifestream of my activities.