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Yoghurt Online Bookmarks

Version 2.03, released 2006-01-31

Yoghurt makes your bookmarks available anywhere and on any computer, much like the many other bookmark tools. It might not have all the features of the newest tools but it is very easy to use.

A simple browser window lets you browse, edit and add new sites. If your computer crashes, you need to reformat or decide to use another browser, all your bookmarks will still be right there, ready to go.

Yoghurt is free of charge and works on Mac, Linux and Windows in any decently recent browser [sorry, no guarantees for Netscape 4 :)] that understands basic javascript.

The public link list has been removed for now. Yoghurt is not being actively developed anymore - it's hard to find the time - and there are numerous good alternatives (I use del.icio.us myself).

Getting Started

To start using Yoghurt now, drag this link to your favorites bar: Yoghurt 2.03.

As of October 2007, the 300+ people using Yoghurt have collected more than 3000 links and used them approximately 180.000 times!

Version History

2.03, 2006-01-31

2.02, 2005-09-14

2.0, 2005-09-01

1.3, 2004-01-25

1.2.2, 2003-07-28

1.2.1, 2003-07-25

1.2u, 2003-07-23

Prior, 2002