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Last day at Joshua

11th November, 2006

Yesterday was my last day at Joshua. I spent the day tweaking the code to minimize the load on the server and managed to improve performance noticably. Using imageCopyResized rather than imageCopyResampled is much faster although the end result will not be quite as pretty because the former does not use anti-aliasing. In this case the increased speed came at the cost of some quality loss.

My initial implementation connected to the MySQL database on every request, because SQL queries would always be involved in the response. Due to other changes, this was no longer the case and so I refactored the database layer using the Singleton pattern as usual (PHP5 examples). This new implementation only connects to the MySQL server whn actually needed and yielded improvements on the non-db dependant pages. Combined with faster transitions in Flash, using a pool of proxy servers for static content on the server and - I suspect - changes to the server setup, the site is now very responsive.

My two months with Joshua have been very rewarding. I've enjoyed being responsible for the technical planning and implementation of solutions for two large clients. The combination of large clients and a small, competent team provides for a great workplace. I'd definitely like to work with them again.

Birthday dinner

Mettelise sent a photo of the restaurent where we had her birthday dinner. The last picture in my previous post is from our flat, having a great Sunday evening, albeit a bit crowded :)

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