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9th November, 2006

The last couple of days at work have been very busy with the entire team trying hard to finish the site in time. Monday I was working for 14 hours straight, but we were finally able to launch the site, YourPerfumeGift.com Tuesday. The site is supposed to cover the UK, US and Germany, but we've experienced some serious issues with the server being painfully slow and even timing out. I optimized the database queries further as the hosting company claimed that was the cause, but a time comparison today of the server and my development machine revealed that the server was between 10 and 30 times slower at serving php pages with no database connectivity. Something is definitely wrong with the server but the hosting company is reluctant to admit it, trying to find issues with our solution. The client is obviously not happy with the situation so I really hope we are able to get the site running smoothly tomorrow - my last day.

Although not as big a site as the previous I worked on, a worldwide intranet site for GE, I am very satisfied with the backend on this one. we decided early on to only implement the somewhat complex logic in the backend and to keep the Flash frontend in sync with the xml structure that was already being used for communication between the two. This turned out to be a huge advantage when the client decided to change the parameters used for scoring fragrances late in development. All text as well as the questions and their answers are served by the backend to keep everything as flexible as possible while still allowing for a nice, interactive experience.

Despite initial doubts as to wether Tired and Tested would accept me not starting until next Monday, they seem to have agreed. I am keen to start on the new project and explore the challenges that undoubtedly will arise. Based in Hammersmith, it's a longer journey than to Oxford Circus, but it's still only about half an hour by the tube.

London Eye

We've had friends over from Thursday till Tuesday, so it's been a busy weekend as well. Saturday we went to see London from above in the London Eye a magnificent 135m above ground. Not only do you get an impressive panorama of London, revealing the massive size of the capital, you can actually see the horizon curving, a rare view on land. The fact that we managed to get on board just as the sun settled made the sight even more beautiful.

London Eye

Later that day, we celebrated Mettelises birthday with Italian food at a wonderful restaurant in Soho called Mediterranean Cafe with good food, friendly serving and a very nice atmosphere (not always the case here in London) and then beers at a bar in Balham, South London.

Sunday dinner

Due to work, I was unable to say goodbye to our guests on the day of their departure, but I absolutely enjoyed your visit. I look forward to seeing you all again back in Denmark!

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