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Email problems

2nd October, 2006

There seems to be a problem with sending emails to me since I moved to my new host. Emails are returned with a message that "relay access denied".

I am currently investigating the cause of this (or rather I have sent an email to Dreamhost support) and hope to have it fixed ASAP.

Update @ 23:14

Although I have yet to recieve a response from Dreamhost, things seem to have fixed themselves. Maybe their mail server got around to looking at it's config file :)

Update @ October 4th

Got a mail from Dreamhost late last night stating that the problem should be resolved now. I can verify that spam is once again flooding my inbox :)

SpamAssassin isn't really up to the task of tagging the new 'improved' spam messages, and so I'm considering forwarding everything through gmail once again (it was fwding on the old host).

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