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5 Weeks in London

9th October, 2006

With my mail working again (and forwarded to spam catching gmail) and the most offending 404's out of the way, everything should be up to speed (I still need to fix the broken images in the feed). What's odd, however, is that my visitor count as reported by Google Analytics is down after the relaunch. I suspect Google needs to rebuild it's cache, but I do expect to see improvements with my new pretty URLs. Anyway, it's time to blog about London again.

Freestylers, one of my favorite artists lately, just released their new album, Adventures in Freestyle. You can hear a few tracks at Freestyler's MySpace page. This Wednesday, we went to the release concert and man, did they rock!

Freestylers in concert

Concerts in London are so much more fun than in Denmark because the crowd is just so ready to party, dance and enjoy the music. In Copenhagen people would hang around the walls, nodding their heads at best. Here, the dance floor is full within 10 minutes! Adventures in Freestyle is available in iTunes Store as of today, if you want to go the digital way.

Guanabara with Malene and Andreas

Andreas arrived Thursday, the very same night Malene was to DJ at Guanabara, a (as we learned) a very nice and quite large Brazil club in Covent Garden. When Malene finished playing and the band took over, the three of us had a couple of beers as we talked and listened. Even later, some very skilled break dancers did their moves on the dance floor to the sound of Funk. It was a great night out and definitely a place I'd consider revisiting.

Saturday brought us to Camden Market again, where we spent the afternoon. It still amazes me how many people there are just about everywhere in London, but I quite like the busy atmosphere. We ended the day with a trip to Hyde Park, where I managed to snap this 8 megapixel photo of an 8-legged arachnid:

Big spider in Hyde Park

Though tired after a long day out, we still wanted to go out for the night and went for Fish'n'Chips at a sports bar, watching Denmark - North Ireland on TV, a match that didn't really end the way it should've. The night ended at an easy club in Covent Garden (seems that's where it happens) called Navajo Joe - another place we might be seen at again. After 5 weeks without finding a decent bar/club, it's reassuring to discover two such places in one weekend. Yet another reason having friends staying is a good thing :)

Sunday arrived quickly after such a busy weekend. I was quite the Dinosaur enthusiast as a kid (this was before Jurassic Park) and really wanted to see the exhibition at the Natural History Museum. Like British Museum, this place is huge. Seeing real (well, castings of real) Dinosaur fossils was amazing. Their (some of them) enormous size becomes so much more clear.

Allosaurus, if I recall correctly

The very first thing you see upon entering the impressive hall is a beautiful (cast of a) fossil of a Diplodocus. Unfortunately we didn't get any non-blurry full size photos of that. What Malene managed, though, was to capture Andreas and I next to a giant sloth, proof that mammals once were big too

Giant sloth, Andreas and I

I'll end this post before your scroll bar disappears. My contract with Joshua Interactive has been extended till the end of this month and I've begun work on a new project, a project with a launch date of start November. I think October will be quite busy for me. More on this when I figure out how much they'll be comfortable with me writing :)

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