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Three weeks

28th September, 2006

(This post should've been posted this Sunday, but due to lack of internet it's been delayed till today)

I can't believe it's weekend again. Feels like it was Friday just the other day. We've been here for three weeks now and knowing close to no one is getting more apparent, especially during the weekends where we would normally see people. It is rather odd being in a city of ~8 million strangers. Fortunately our first guest, Andreas, is arriving in less than two weeks and I'm positive we'll have a great time.

Tree climbing in Hyde Park

The picture above is from our last trip to Hyde Park and as the picture illustrates, people were having a great time in the warm weather. A tree like that begs to be climbed :)

After three weeks I'm getting used to the surroundings. The hordes of people in the underground stations are no longer as intimidating and navigating down a crowded street no longer requires my full attention :)

Going out is really a completely different thing over here. We're both used to the Danish night life starting after 11, but all the pubs here are closing by then. After that it's the clubs, but they tend to be rather hardcore and not necessarily what you'd want right after leaving home. Googling (or rather looking in Time Out) isn't much help since most of the names are unknown to us. We will be exploring more of this side of London during the coming weekends and hopefully we'll find a couple of places that rhymes with our mood (actually I have little doubt a city the size of London hides several places like that. It's just finding them that's hard).

The different taste in music is also apparent when walking into just about any shop. They will play music straight out of a night club in Copenhagen. One can imagine that the clubs play it even harder.

This Saturday we've been walking across London's famous Tower Bridge and west to London Bridge, enjoying the magnificent riverside view.

View from Tower Bridge

Unfortunately I forgot to put back the memory card in the camera after transfering photos, so we were limited to the built in 32megs or so. The picture, taken about half way across Tower Bridge, reveals the impressive cigar shaped building known as the Swiss Re Building or just 30 St. Mary Axe.

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