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London, Day 6

7th September, 2006

The two days at Haygarth have been head on into their projects. As some of you will know my primary programming skill is in PHP, but I've done nothing of the kind so far. The projects I've worked on (I can't be more specific than that) have involved Microsoft's .NET framework and their SQL implementation (I much prefer MySQL), so I've learned something too.

Using Windows XP all day once again reminds me of why I use a Mac. One reason, particularly noticeable today, is Exposé. I felt completely lost in the sea of windows, though I know for a fact that I have been getting along just fine for the last 15 years without the fancy window manager in Mac OS X.

Enough work (though I'll be there until Friday :), I've got more pictures uploaded (click for bigger versions):

Camden Town 1

The canal running through Camden Town. The market is on both sides and on the other side of the bridge I'm on.

Camden Town 2

The main street with lots of people. This was taken on our way home around 5pm, so there were even more earlier.

Taking the bus home from Camden Town, we got on the wrong bus and discovered it only after crossing the river Thames (yes, we are still new to the city :). Sice we had no other plans, we went for a walk on the south side:

South Side of Thames

Okay. It's half past eleven and I've got to get some sleep. This final picture was taken just an hour ago with an exposure of 4 seconds and shows the night time view from the Hyde park side of our flat.

Night time

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