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London, Day 11

13th September, 2006

Time really flies when you're in a new country, working new places. I finished my project at Haygarth on Friday, but recieved a call from another agency that same day regarding a new project starting Monday, yesterday. Estimated about 4 weeks, I'll be working at Joshua Agency with another PHP programmer on a corporate intranet site. So far I really like the place.

We went shopping last Sunday (the shops are, of course, open on Sundays over here). As the photo below reveals, there is nothing Sunday'ish about the Sundays here with people everywhere. I managed to find a nice pair of shoes in my size (UK 12) and belt.

Oxford Street on a Sunday

(No, I don't know who that guy is :)

The locking mechanism on my MacBook Pro broke a couple of days ago. There's a little spring that used to push the button out. It doesn't anymore. I went to the Apple Store in Regent Street to ask for the repair time. Obviously they didn't know without looking at the machine. I hope they'll fix it fast - I can't really do without it for very long. If only the MacBook Pro sported the same magnetic lock as the MacBook...

Coding on Tape5 has really taken a hit these days. I get home from work half past six-seven-ish and by the time we're done eating and doing the obligatory email/blog post, I'm not that keen on thinking too much. When I get used to working over here, I'm sure I'll get up to speed again (well, almost).

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