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London, Day 1

2nd September, 2006

Arriving yesterday, we went straight to the flat to get rid of our 50 kilos of luggage. The flat is brilliant, located close to Hyde Park in Paddington, West London. We both felt at home right away. After a trip to the local supermarket, Sommerfield (great selection at reasonable prices), we unpacked our stuff. Didn't take long for both of the computers to come on and we were fortunate enough to find not only an open wireless network, but a fast one at that. I have no doubt it'll prove fast enough to skype from. I somehow managed to forget the USB cable to my digital camera.

Today I set out to find a replacement cable, something that turned out much more difficult than I had imagined. Nikon has several proprietary connectors in their cameras, supporting USB and A/V out. The one in my CoolPix P1 is called UC-E6. Though I did find a store on New Oxford Street that normally has those, it turns out that they're discontinued. They were as baffled as I, since many of Nikon's professional cameras use UC-E6 as well. In any case, I opted to buy a cheap 10£ Belkin 8-in-1 media reader.

I had already looked at the mobile options on our previous trip, so I knew I wanted the T-Mobile pre-paid solution (12p/minute is not cheap by Danish standards, but better than the competition). We now have two British phone numbers, which will make communication much cheaper than roaming all day.

Having a local phone, I contacted the recruitment agencies, with which I've been corresponding lately, letting them know I was in town.

All in all, it's been a great day. My search for a cable brought me down (east that is) the long (by foot) Oxford Street with all its intriguing shops, many people and rather heavy traffic. I feel I know London just a little better today :)

You should read Malene's post too, it's in Danish.

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