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3 days in London

18th August, 2006

Things are moving fast this summer. Tape5 is nearing launch and we successfully held our very first Thursday club night yesterday @ bodega. Thanks to all who showed up - hope to see you next week.

Yesterday was special in another regard too since Malene and I came home from three days in London looking for a flat for our 4 month adventure of living and working from September through December. Malene will be working at the record label Wall of Sound while I am talking with recruitment agencies to find work as a PHP Developer.

We had arranged for seeing a couple of flats and studios before leaving but the first proved perfect for our needs. It's a small flat complete with separate bedroom, a nice kitchen and room for sleeping guests. It's also close to everything being in Paddington. We can't wait to move in on August 31st, although packing for a 4 month trip seems a little overwhelming right now :)

Impressions from talking to the recruitment agencies are very positive with multiple potential positions in sight. I really look forward to working in London :)

Work on Tape5 will, of course, continue. We still don't have a launch date but rest assured that we are hard at work.

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