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w00t! My MacBook Pro is here!

5th April, 2006

Yesterday, my MacBook Pro finally arrived with an extra fast 7200rpm 100GB disk and 1.5GB RAM!
Transfering files from my old iBook was a breeze thanks to the Migration Assistant and was done in about one hour. The assistant obviously didn't know anything about my web development needs and I set out to recompile and setup Apache 2.2, MySQL 5 and PHP 5. Wow, this thing compiles _really_ fast!

Running a complete webserver on the local machine did put some stress on the iBook (primarily because Safari is kind of sluggish on it), whereas the MacBook Pro loads the page in a blink.

I then went through all my applications and checked if there were universal version available (MacUpdate and Versiontracker both have MacIntel-pages). RosettaTest is really cool if you wanna see if the running applications are universal binaries, but there's also the geekier way.

UPDATE: osx86project has a nice list as well. I love everything wiki :)

I was obviously a bit nervous that my MacBook Pro would emit the some of the noises described around the web, but as Engadget reports, Apple seems to be fixing the issues with new revisions and mine has the correct serial number :)

So far I am _really_ impressed with performance and the screen is absolutely as gorgeously bright as the rest is beautiful. The remote struck me as a weird accessory for a portable, but it is really cool to browse your media files from a distance. I especially like that I can control the music even though I'm not sitting right in front of it.
The keyboard is very nice to the touch, although the right shift-key takes a little harder pressing than the worn one on the iBook.

Now, if everything goes well, I'll be enjoying 10/10 Mbit internet access in about a month. :P

I'm leaving for NYC Friday morning and will be joining my girlfriend for a week of exploration in the Big Apple. Good times. I'll buy a new camera for the trip (considering the Nikon Coolpix 7900) and will post images upon return.

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