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On Open Source And Tape5

29th April, 2006

The quality and broadness of open source software (OSS) never ceases to amaze me. Ditto for shareware on the Mac platform. I am seriously considering my options for using only OSS, shareware and the stuff Apple gives away.

The reason I bring this up is that we've decided on the logo for the music site. Unfortunately, the draft logo is bitmap and much too small for print purposes. As the logo is rather complex compared to the standards of today, I needed a bitmap tracing tool for converting it to vector.

Enter Autotrace, a small but very efficient command line tool that compiles perfectly on my mac and produced fantastic results with only minor tweaking. Hereby recommended for everyone in need of bitmap->vector conversion. (If I had more time I would consider wrapping a friendly GUI around it, but it will have to wait for now)

We're getting close to the launch of Tape5 - yes, there it is, the name we've chosen for our online music store - but there are still issues to be dealt with. Marketing on a close to zero budget is among the major ones. Being on a tight budget also relates to open source, as several tools have been indispensable for the project. From the AMP setup (Apache, MySQL and PHP) over getID3 and phpBB to the Prototype and Scriptaculous Javascript libraries, development would have been _very_ difficult without.

Thank you, all coders, scripters and designers out there :)

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