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Outage + Update

14th March, 2006

I apologize for the outage lasting from Sunday to Tuesday. The hard drive crashed on the database server, taking some time to fix.
Everything should be back up by now, including Yoghurt and Counter.

Today I finally succumbed and ordered a brand new, all-good-except-name MacBook Pro 1.83 with a 7200 rpm hard drive, shipping in 3-4 weeks. A memory upgrade to 1.5GB should make this beast even happier. Hoohaa!

The music site is moving ahead at full steam. We're preparing launch by June and although we've settled on the name, there are still soo many things to consider, plan and fix before we are ready.

I bought tickets to New York for one week in April and I can hardly wait to see the Big Apple! I'll be going with Malene, my girlfriend, and no doubt will have a slew of pictures to post here when we get home.

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