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Adobe and the Universal Binaries

24th March, 2006

A lot of people wonder when Adobe will have universal binaries of their software ready for the new Intel based Macs. It seems it won't be until Q2 2007, which seems like a long time from now. Scott Byer has a very informative blogpost about the reasons it wont get here sooner. It's nice to get some background information rather than the usual PR-spin.

Speaking of Universal Binaries, my MacBook Pro is scheduled to ship by April 11 so it should arrive here just about when I return from New York.

I was right when I speculated (last sentence) that it wouldn't take long for the community to make the new Macs run Windows in some form or another. Besides dual booting the machines, there's the option of running it inside a window using Q, a port of Qemu. Or you could just wait until Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" ships - it is rumored to feature virtualisation. I might soon get rid of my slow PC running TightVNC for website testing purposes.

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