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Thoughts on the new MacBook Pro

11th January, 2006

Unsanity has some very interesting thoughts on the new MacBook Pro and why it just might not be so incredible after all. For instance, it seems odd that the display resolution is lower than the previous model. Perhaps Apple switched supplyer to get more brightness?

One thing that isn't mentioned and something that I find increasingly annoying as processors get faster is the relatively slow hard drive of 5400-rpm. It's even worse in the iBook with it's puny 4200-rpm drive. Hard drive speed really matters in terms of real world performance, especially since osx insists on using virtual memory no matter how much real you got. Put 7200-rpm 100 or 120GB drives in the portables already! Otherwise I'll have to do it myself and I know what a bitch that can be with an iBook.

UPDATE: It appears I am unable to read a spec sheet. Apple's MacBook page clearly states that an optional 7200-rpm drive is available. Finally. Now they need to bring the iBook (or MacBook) up to speed as well.

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