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New Intel-based Macs!

11th January, 2006

Yei! After months of speculation, the day is finally here. Steve Jobs unveiled two new Intel-based Macs - a much faster but similar designwise iMac and a new Powerbook oddly named MacBook Pro. It will take some time for old-timers like me to get used to the new name. MacBook. Weird. The new PowerBook MacBook is, Apple claims, up to 4 times faster. That's 400%, a massive and _very_ unusual increase these days.

No iBook yet, so I guess I'll have to wait a little longer before replacing my nearing-two-years 1GHz iBook G4.

Also new is iLife '06, bringing a faster iPhoto (yei!) and the usual updates to the rest of the package. The new iWeb will make it easy to put simple webpages together, but I don't think it will kill my job building php/mysql-driven websites just yet. Speaking of iWeb, I really feel for Karelia Software, having worked for almost a year on a similar product called Sandvox. Go have a look at it, they beat Apple's release by 1 day :)

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