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13th December, 2005

Ugh. The exams have started. I have four this winter, all written 4-hour exams with all aids allowed. The first was yesterday about discrete signals and linear systems and I have a feeling it went ok. Tomorrow is Digital design and computer architecture and thursday is some accounting course - something I'll never need. Trust me, I'll hire someone to do it properly for me instead (oh, and I have a rant about how accountants apparently refuse to use the minus sign and instead insist on ridiculous parantheses. The calculations are polluted, mutated forms of math that I have a hard time seeing the point in. No time for rants now though :)).
Finally, tuesday is on propability and that will conclude this semester.

A brief update on my other projects include the to-be-completed-in-January photo content management system for photographers with Jacob. It's been so long in the making that we're both considering redoing the hole thing. That will wait till version 1.2. It's called Panorama and a wesite will be up soon.

The online music store with Andreas is also getting closer to reality as we have _finally_ come up with a name. I'm not sure the domains have been registered so I won't disclose it just yet. Finding available domains is no fun. We hope to launch by late march/early april.

...But the exams first. Next one tomorrow.

Must ... resist ... computer ... Need .... to ... study ... more ...

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