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MacOS X 10.4.3

1st November, 2005

While I wait for the 56MB to flow in, I thought I'd mention some of the good stuff in the update. From Apples site.

"Improves responsiveness during Spotlight searches in the Finder." Yay, this is good. Perhaps they should consider rewriting Finder completely instead of patching?

"Safari can now pass the "Acid2" test." It would appear that Safari is the first browser in the world to support this test and one out of only two to do it by now. Way to go.

"Disk Utility can verify the Mac OS X 10.4 startup volume with this update." Very nice - and about time.

"Keychain Access searching is no longer case-sensitive after installing this update."

"Disables Quartz 2D Extreme—Quartz 2D Extreme is not a supported feature in Tiger, and re-enabling it may lead to video redraw issues or kernel panics." Interesting. I wonder if they have had to many problems with graphic cards? As usual Ars has a great explanation of Quartz.

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