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Goddam formbots!

22nd November, 2005

I've been spared the unfortunate experience of being the target of form filling bots that contaminate the comments here with ridiculous offers, involving poker, porn or viagra. Until now that is.

I've just deleted a bunch of fake comments from the database (and in the process one real, a suggestion to use Phorum for my forum software. I'll be looking into that). Since I don't want this deleting to become part of my daily routine, I've decided to implement some sort of form validation to protect me from this, a system known as CAPTCHA. I've already found a PEAR package called Text_CAPTCHA, so this shouldn't take forever.

Spam, formbots, worms, phishing, domain hijacking, etc. The net is becoming a smelly place for greedy people. Too bad the remaining 99% of us has to deal with it.

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