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Comments on 10.4.3

1st November, 2005

I have a few comments on todays update.

Apple notes that Disk Utility can now perform Disk Verification on the startup volume. This is true, but you should leave your machine alone while it does so.
Apparently the "live" verification requires the disk to be locked (which makes sense since it can't be unmounted) and this leaves every other application hanging, waiting for the disk to be unlocked. On my machine the entire UI froze while the verification progressed.

They also state that the responsiveness of Finder has improved while doing Spotlight searches. This is definitely true as a short pause while typing in the search field no longer stalls forever.
If you, for instance, set up the Finder to search like this

Finder advanced search
and click the combobox to the right, it _will_ lag and generally behave very bad while it builds its massive list of known file types. And this is just one way of making Finder confused about Spotlight.

I'm seriously thinking about making a few screenshots of how I think the Finder should work. I know I'm far from the only one who thinks it sux and that Apple apparently has no idea how to do it right. At least not yet.

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