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31st October, 2005

A short list of applications I use every day:

TextMate - by far the best GUI text editor I've seen. There seems to be no end to what the author and contributors have thought of in terms of extenability and shortcuts for the keyboard loving. I've recently discovered the magic of snippets. Yay!

QuickSilver - simply a stunning keyboard launcher. A Mac without it is _very_ hard to use efficiently.

Adium - One IM client to rule them all. Customizable and supporting IM services I've never even heard of.

Joe - Terminal-text editor because I'm too lazy to learn emacs or vi properly. Much better than pico and sometimes faster than TextMate.

PHP Code Completion - indispensable if doing PHP development in TextMate.

MPlayer and VLC - Video players for everything Quicktime won't handle.

Hex color picker - very useful for doing html/css coding. I don't know why Apple doesn't include this.

Floppymoose ad blocker - written entirely in CSS, this is method is clean, fast and easy to extend.

Inquisitor - extremely well done and highly useful search extension for Safari. The way it should work.

Completely OT what's up with this shadow on the new flakey Just-For-You section in iTunes:

It's amazing how poorly it picks recommendations. Maybe I just need to buy more :)

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