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Warner Music Lost It

28th September, 2005

In response to Steve Jobs calling the music industry "greedy" if they wanted more than $0.99 per song, Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. apparently wants a piece of the iPod revenue because, as he said, "We are the arms supplier in the device wars between Samsung, Sony, Apple, and others". An absolutely outrageous request. Crazy. As Jeff Smykil writes at arstechnica:

As a teacher I would like to demand 5% of each child's future salary that passes through my classroom, after all I am a supplier to the working world.

Judging from an article from Slate Magazine (owned by Microsoft), Bronfman Jr. isn't exactly a business genius.

There is no way Steve Jobs will share its iPod profits, but it is certainly going to be interesting to follow this for the next months.

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