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End of Summer

28th August, 2005

My semester starts this monday and I am really looking forward to the courses I have this fall, which includes more signals and linear systems, propability and digital design. Good stuffâ„¢ if you ask me :)

The online photo project with Jacob Oettinger I mentioned some time ago is nearing completion. There are still a few bugs to hunt down (support for Unicode being one) as well as final interface design, but the basic functionality is there and it's looking really good. It's gonna be interesting to see how well sales go.

The music project with Andreas Halberg is also coming along, but the backend is rather complex and will need much more testing before ready, especially as it involves online payment, something that should not be dealt with lightly. Hopefully we'll be able to begin limited public testing soon. And we're still contemplating the name :)

Norberg Festival

Having spent a week at the Norberg festival for electronic music in Sweden, I have about 100 pictures and 70 minutes of video footage that I'll be editing down to a couple of minutes when I complete some of the other project. The video will be hosted here, of course.

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