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Generating PDFs from PHP

10th March, 2005

If you ever need to programmatically generate a pdf with php on a website, you should have a look at FPDF, a nifty class that greatly simplifies the task.

Being in the above situation, I quickly ran into trouble with the incredibly bad browser called Internet Explorer. It turns out that to make Acrobat and Explorer work together [or just work at all], you need to follow specific steps given here.

[even after years of web development it still amazes me how such a piece of crap can become so widely adopted. I guess Pre-Installed really is a big thing :). Fortunately, there's Firefox. If you still use Explorer, you're asking for it]

There you have it, as do I when I forget it.

UPDATE 2005-05-04: Apparently I found another tool to do the job PHP-PDF, which seems to be more advanced and thus more complicated to use.

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