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ShowOff nearing update

16th February, 2005

I'm wrapping up the features for ShowOff 0.6 which includes a nice floating display and the option to show a custom string. I'm currently investigating ways to post some data to a webpage with Cocoa, i.e. your uptime to be displayed on a records-page here. Depending on the work required I might delay that to version 0.7

Retrospective 1.0 is doing well insofar that I have recieved no bug reports. Support for more browsers [read Firefox] would be next step as well as finding a way to increase loading time. Unfortunately it is closely related to how Retrospective finds the cached pages - through grep.

I'm working with Jacob on a very nice set of classes built on my wsGallery, which we will try to sell to photographers. I figure they have roughly the same needs - present some pictures nicely with easy administration.
We have not yet decided on a licensing model but going open source is definitely an option in which case it will be available here.

I should also get on with finishing my task manager project and put it up here. Currently there are way to many bugs.

Oh, I have school too. Busy me :)

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