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15th January, 2005

Anyone trying to optimize their Airport wireless setup should download the Airport Management Tools, available from Apple's website. I can't find any info on their site though.
AMT includes two tools, Airport Client Monitor which will poll your Airport card for signal strength and noise level, and AirPort Management Utility which seems to be a variant of AirPort Admin Utility with advanced settings turned on.
I'm experimenting with building my own antenna to amplify the signal strength of my wireless network and I'll post the details here when I have something to tell.

On another track, I've discovered TextMate, a brilliant programmer's text editor [if you're not into emacs, which we probably all should be to some degree]. After using it for the last two weeks or so, I'm ready to fork out the 49 euro.

Memento has been released in the wild and the todo list is growing fast. I've also been thinking about doing a new version of ShowOff with net-enabled uptime record. Hopefully I'll get it done before this page turns to dust.

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