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Migrating to Mac

27th January, 2005

My father just purchased an iBook G4, replacing his aging Thinkpad. While moving his files was no problem with my assistance in setting up the network for transfers [I suppose it would have been even easier with a USB memory stick or an external hard drive], moving his mail out of Outlook Express turned out to be quite a challenge.
Microsoft doesn't want you to leave their platform or products and Outlook has it's own weird mailbox storage format called dbx. Unlike the addresses which dragged nicely from Outlook to the desktop as vCards, easily imported by Apple's Address Book, there apparently is no equivalent way of getting mail out.
I started googling. MacOSXHints.com as usual turned up a few results, but they all involved an intermediate mail client such as Entourage, Netscape or Eudora [or worse, commercial converters]. Furthermore, Eudora does not create a table of contents of the mbox, something Mail.app requires.
As the problem is not yet solved and since I imagine more people have this problem, I'm investigating various ways of making such a converter with a nice GUI that everyone can use. Any feedback is welcome.

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