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Beta 4

20th January, 2005

A new Memento has been released, fixing a couple of minor bugs. Bigger feature improvements will have to wait a little. I'm working like a horse these days, something I'm not that used to :)
I still need a new name, thinking about Munin [one of Odin's ravens in the Nordic mythology] but I welcome suggestions.

Everyone, go to FloppyMoose and download the fabulous stylesheet for any decent browser that will block almost any banner! It's wonderful surfing now, though it won't save you the bandwidth just the sight.

I got my hands on the new iLife 05 as well as the brand new iWork and I'll see if I get time to write a little review. So far both packages look terrific [even if I think there will be an update to iPhoto 5 very soon - it has crashed on me three times already] and iWork just needs a spreadsheet and another version bump and MS Office will be overkill for 90%.

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