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Scamming the Scammer

19th May, 2004

I found an absolutely hilarious correspondance between a seller of a Powerbook and the scammer who wants to buy it. It's a bit long but worth the read if you're looking for a laugh. Go to this link with no descriptive title :)
Through MacOS X Hints - which is accessible again, dunno what happened to my ISP - I found KeyCue, a small application that will display a near complete list of shortcuts for the active program. Neat if you're looking to train your shortcut finger muscles.
The same site also has an interesting idea on how to organize your iTunes playlists according to your mood here.

A couple of days ago I found some truly amazing movies from a yoyo-battle. Unfortunately the url dissapeared from my history and I found it clicking links three or four levels down. I really miss google on my local machine with near-infinite storage capacity. That would rock.
Speaking of Google [I guess I should capitalize here, it being in Webster's :)], Jacob notified me of a visual way of searching google called TouchGraph GoogleBrowser. Very interesting development of the search concept.

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