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A Trip to Swapland

1st May, 2004

Steven Frank from Panic has made a small application called Emila that will index your mails and let you search through them much like Java based Zoe. It is currently in early development and seems like a very good idea. Finding that specific mail can be difficult with any regular mail client.
Trying the application on my local mail archive of about 1400 mails didn't went well. Emila seems to never free memory while creating the initial index and my iBook soon ran out of free memory [640MB installed] and began swapping to disk. Then the impossible happened. I ran out of disk space. Completely. 0KB available. Emila has effectively swapped over 2GB which was all I had left on my 40GB drive. Even under these conditions Mac OS X behaved well. Just take a look at these screenshots of a system on the edge of kernel panic:

I killed the application and things returned to normal. I seriously need a bigger hard drive in my iBook, maybe even the new 100GB Toshiba.
Even if Emila isn't ready for prime time yet, I like the idea and since the source code is included, anyone can make improvements.

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