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Music And How To Improve Your Computer

5th April, 2004

In a sudden burst of cultural activity I've been to the movies to see the hilarious computer animated version of Terkel i knibe by Anders Mathesen, which was great fun. This Saturday I was at Vega hearing Blue Foundation, a Danish trip hop band and a very good one at that. If you haven't heard them yet go grab yourself a copy.

This morning I realized that there's a beta out of LaunchBar 4, probably the most useful system enhancer out there. I for one wouldn't be without it for any reason [which is why I decided to finally pay for it. I might be a cheap bastard but I know when I see something extraordinary]. If you're fast on the keyboard and are constantly looking for new shortcuts to work faster [aka leaving the mouse alone], LaunchBar is for you.

Update @ 11:02: If LaunchBar is cool [and believe me it is], QuickSilver has got to be even cooler [via submitresponse]. It works like Launchbar but the interface is much more intuitive - and better looking as well. Judging from the forum the functionality seems to be constantly improving and as it has just reached beta 21 I can only begin to imagine what version 1.0 will do. Oh, did I mention that it's free? :)

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