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11th March, 2004

iChat has been bugging me for some time now. I can't understand why Apple hasn't made an option to change the Dock icon to reflect replies, much like Mail shows how many unread emails you have. Another thing I miss is the ability to use more than one [the AIM] protocol [I'll resist the urge to complain about the studipity of having incompatible protocols for now].
I've found a small chat application, Adium which looks very promising. It supports several protocols, expandable via plugins and shows new messages and replies in the Dock. The interface is almost too simple and not very Mac-like but it doesn't get in the way and can be changed through themes. Above all it's free and open source :)

I'd also like to mention Cabextract, an indispensable utility if you're on some *nix and need to extract whatever is inside a cabinet file [.cab is a proprietary compression format used by Microsoft]. It does the job well and works on Mac OS X from the Terminal. Version 1.0 should be out any time now.

I just love the fact that almost whatever kind of application I need for some task, someone has made it already. Truly a great thing about the net.

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