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Sheesh! What's wrong with these people

5th February, 2004

In an attempt to change the behaviour of the users of Internet Explorer instead of fixing the issue, Microsoft has released a document with 'steps to protect yourself'. One of the suggestions reads "The most effective step that you can take to help protect yourself from malicious hyperlinks is not to click them."
What an ingenious way to overcome the bug! I guess their next advise will be to stay offline - that way, you won't get any spam, virus or be hacked! Incredible!
I should add, that Microsoft is planning an update to Explorer, but I suggest you try a better browser or maybe even a better OS.
Having tried to replicate the unintended behavior described by Microsoft, it seems most browsers are prone to this. I wouldn't exactly call it a bug but rather an example of how easy it can be to fool people onto a different website than they'd expect from glancing - not looking - at the url. In any case, their suggestion is about as good as they get :)

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