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Grey Tuesday...erh...Thursday

26th February, 2004

I found myself to be lagging about two days behind the rest of the online world as I discovered that last Tuesday was the day of coordinated civil disobedience! Hundreds of websites posted Danger Mouse's Grey Album on their site for 24 hours in protest of EMI's attempts to censor this work.

From Grey Tuesday:
"DJ Danger Mouse created a remix of Jay-Z's the Black Album and the Beatles White Album, and called it the Grey Album. Jay-Z's record label, Roc-A-Fella, released an a capella version of his Black Album specifically to encourage remixes like this one. But despite praise from music fans and major media outlets like Rolling Stone ("an ingenious hip-hop record that sounds oddly ahead of its time") and the Boston Globe (which called it the "most creatively captivating" album of the year), EMI has sent cease and desist letters demanding that stores destroy their copies of the album and websites remove them from their site. EMI claims copyright control of the Beatles 1968 White Album." (my emphasis)

There are links to some of the many websites that participated in the event as well as suggestions on how to obtain said album.

Update: One of my favorite tech news-sites, British The Register, has an article on the event, as usual worth a read.

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