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12th January, 2004

It seems I made it online after spending over six months in the offline world. Well, almost. The 2mbit will be shared between about 10 people, so I'm quite eager to see how my nifty traffic shaper will do. I'm piping all traffic through a server running FreeBSD and setting up everything the way I want it has been very educative - particularly the firewall. I might put a page together with some info on how I did it and how it turned out.

Having started the semester at DTU, I'm currently working on a Java implementation of a game from Madagascar called Fanorona as part of my course in programming. I'll put it online as soon as it is finished along with source code and the report.

You should also have a look at my sister's new website, with diary and some great stories in danish.
Enough for now :)

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