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jokke.dk is the personal website of , a software architect, entrepeneur and Mac user living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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What is taking so long?

3rd November, 2003

Beginning this September, I've been studying electronics engineering at DTU, a 5 year study which I'm really enjoying. While learning about circuit analysis, multiplexers and capacitors is exciting, it also means I have very little time for updating this site on a regular basis - especially when I am still offline at home. The ADSL line is in the queue, so hopefully I'll be able to answer emails within a reasonable timeframe again by December.

As several users kindly reported, my screensaver ShowOff does not work with MacOS X Panther (10.3). I have yet to figure out the reason but a simple recompile with xCode didn't resolve the issue. Rest assured that I'm working on it - even if it might take some time.

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