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A comment on navigation

29th July, 2003  |  0 Comments

I recently changed the menu structure of sections with special menus moving them into the right menu just below 'On This Site'. I'm aware that this might confuse some users seeing only the first page - which would be a major bummer, but I think it works once you get used to it. Besides it looks much better this way.

Yoghurt bugfixes

29th July, 2003  |  0 Comments

If any of you have had problems with the new yoghurt when adding links with foreign characters in their title, they should be fixed now as well as a couple of other stupid bugs. Latest version is now 1.2.2 and no update is needed on your behalf.

wsGallery 0.68 released

25th July, 2003  |  0 Comments

My brother Stein looked through the release of yesterday and we found several problems which should be corrected in this latest version.
While I was at it, I expanded the sample code, making it more complete and thus bigger. More details in the changelog.
Again, suggestions and comments are welcome.

I've finally managed to build a reasonable OpenGL project on Mac OS X. I hope to release some nice 3d stuff soon :)

wsGallery 0.67 released

24th July, 2003  |  0 Comments

I did it! The source code for my automated preview generation script that I use to put pictures up is finally online.
Go read about it here and be sure to let me know if you have comments.

It seems all my loose ends are coming together before the end of the summer...

Yoghurt 1.2 released

23rd July, 2003  |  0 Comments

Finally yoghurt supports categories/folders for much better management of your many yoghurted links. Go get the new version now here where the complete changelog is also available.
Please bear with me if there are any problems with the new version.


19th July, 2003  |  0 Comments

Remember the Honda add? Have a look at this fantastic parody.

When am I gonna learn

8th July, 2003  |  0 Comments

Putting things online takes soo much longer when you're offline :)
wsGallery is not ready for the public eye yet. There are still too many bugs and the filestructure and particularly the documentation is horrible.
Pictures from my birthday party is, however, online and can be seen in the new pictures section in the menu to the right.