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Pictures, previews and the horror of being offline

29th June, 2003

On saturday the 22nd, we held a party to celebrate our new appartment. It was a blast! Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures as the evening turned into night, so the pictures I'll be putting up during the next few days will be from my birthday party on the 28th of May.

My homegrown project used to display these images and the desktops, wsGallery, will also be put online at the same time. I've been testing it for some time now. My brother Stein is also using it and we have found it quite useable even with the errors and limitations in the current version. More info will follow.

I'm still offline. Aaargh! We're supposed to get some sort of shared connection in the entire building, but making decisions in a democratic manner takes forever. If this takes much longer, I'm gonna have to get my own stream at three times the price. Bah.

Have you seen the upcoming Panther a.k.a. Mac OS X 10.3 yet? :)

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