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Singapore Changi

7th March, 2003

Oh boy! Here I am, at one of the world's largest airports surfing the net for free for the first time in a very long time. I'm on my way home, back to Denmark, arriving tomorrow at 0800. I have several hundred pictures and a couple of pages worth of diary, I will be putting a selection of both online during the next few weeks as I get used to living closer to the earths' pole :).
I've just finished paging through about 700 new emails. Please forgive me for not replying if you've sent me mail in February, my visit has been packed with adventurous trips and the internet cafe's around Phnom Penh doesn't allow me to use my own machine and webmail isn't really an alternative with that many mails. Anyway, I hope to catch up with everything within the next few days.

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