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Run Linux in your browser!

27th January, 2003

This has got to be one of the coolest things I have seen in quite some time. WorkSpot have created a java based vnc client for your standards compliant [i.e. with java support] browser that allows you to login to a Linux machine running your favourite distribution [direct VNC connectivity is also available. From there you can compile code, check your email with Ximian Evolution [beats the hotmail interface any day, but I hardly think that can come as a surprise...], even browse the web for those who like redundancy [1 in millions I guess :)] for only 9.95$ a month. Obviously a fast connection to the net is advised. It's all built on open technologies and qualifies as what I would call a Brilliant Idea[tm] and it's not even a new thing. *nix users have been doing this for years with plain VNC but the browser based solution with subscription makes this available to a much larger user base who want to test drive Linux before installing it locally.

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