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One week

25th January, 2003

In one week I will be on my way to Cambodia to see my girlfriend, experience what a small part of Asia is like and hopefully have 5 great weeks. I hope everything works out with my Norwegian passport, which I haven't recieved yet.

[The image is deep linked from lonelyplanet, so they'll need to change the location to make it go away... More pictures can - as always - be found with google].
As I'll bring my digital camera, I hope to find use for what right now seems like an excessive amount of storage for a compact flash card - 256 megabytes. I'll try to update this site and upload some of the pictures but I'm not sure what kind of bandwidth I will have access to - dialup is likely which somewhat limits traffic. It's been ages since I've lived with 33.3, in fact I don't even think I've tried it more than once on MacOS X - the public beta that is.

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