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30th January, 2003

Wow, even I didn't know I had a profile on some dating site! That makes it all the more astonishing that yichenw [or maybe it's xoro, or Karan or jenny_hock_4...] found me. I guess this is the new way of confirming whether some email address really have a reciever [maybe I should set up a reciepient-not-found-reply from postmaster at jokke.dk. Don't know if that would help though], adding them to those 130 billion addresses already in the spam databases they try to sell me...

From: yichenw@ust.hk
To: joakim [at] jokke.dk
Subject: W-H-A-T-S U-P

4Hi there, how's it going? Well for starters I must confess that this is indeed pretty awkward. I noticed your profile online and figured I'd drop ya a line....I bet that doesn't happen to you everyday! I never really even thought about it until someone saw mine and got in touch a little while back. ANYWAY!
My name is Karan, I'm 23, and I'm a sale rep for a mid-sized pharmaceutical company. Goodness I can't get over how strange this is! I'm sure you're probably thinking the same thing! hehe.
Oh well, I really don't want to go on too far. Especially since I'm not sure whether or not you have any8 interest. But if you would like to get to know more about me, please drop me a line. I'll be more than happy to include some
pics as well.
Anything about you would be greatly appreciated as well :-) o
Well I hope to hear from you soon! Take care.

Karan ..........

P.S. Do you use any messenger services, maybe we can chat on there sometime? My email address is jenny_hock_4@hotmail.com

Best regards,

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