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Apple License

9th January, 2003

I just read the license agreement shipping with Apple's new browser Safari and found it somewhat disturbing that I have to "agree not to publish or release the results of any benchmark tests run on the Apple Software without Apple's prior written permission in each instance." [section 2.C].
Not that I had big plans on benchmarking Safari against a slew of competing browsers but the idea of not being permitted to do so annoys me. Besides, what are they affraid of? That their 'official' benchmark results are proven wrong? Lighten up, Apple, we all like your browser.

In spite of my efforts to make my site standards compliant [yes, my site validates as both html and css - the errors reported with my html are misinterpretations of php links], Safari has trouble rendering some pages correctly. Especially the desktops section is behaving badly. Fortunately for me, the errors are on Apple's behalf, not mine so I'll probably just wait for the final to show up and retest my site.

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